Forklift scale ensures higher accuracy and reliability in forklift weighing systems. 

PTE Scales mobile weighing solutions are based on hydraulic measurements to achieve the most reliable weighing results. However, many of the forklifts tend to have internal leakage and frictions in the hydraulic lifting system. To be able to use hydraulic scale under these conditions, there must be something to overcome undesired effects.

S2 displays combined with the DynamicBlock forms an accurate and user-friendly forklift scale. The forks will lower during the weighing sequence while the forklift scale will accurately measure the pressure. The lowering movement compensates the unwanted effect from frictions and hydraulic internal leakages, which will make weighing easy and accurate.  PTE Scales -are designed, manufactured and programmed in Finland.

Thanks to a practical display device and easy functions, the use of the scales is easy and fast. Cumulative weighing function is standard in all models and if necessary, the display device is easy to equip with a printer.

The display device has a internal calibration memory, which allows the use of the same display device in multiple working machines. One display device can be used, for example, with front and rear loader of the tractor, by choosing the right calibration from the calibration menu.

There is no other scale that is as fast and easy to install and set up.

High quality pressure sensor is accurate and reliable under all conditions.

  • Versatile mounting methods ensures multiple installation positions of the display device in the cockpit.
  • Scales operate with 8-30 VDC voltage available from the working machine itself. If needed, the scales can be equipped with an additional voltage supply.
  • DynamicBlock and the display device is connected with M12-connector cable. Connecting with cables well known from industrial applications is reliable and fail-safe.
  • Power supply cabling can be done with several different options which can be selected when ordering.
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Forklift calibration



  • PTE S2 – display
  • DynamicBlock – weighing block
  • 100bar pressure sensor
  • Pressure sensor cable
  • Power cabling
  • Mounting bracket
  • Installation-/operation manual
  • Arrow stickers for marking correct weighing height


  • Supply voltage (options) 12 VDC (9-72 VDC)
  • Pressure range with basic delivery (optios) 0-100bar (0-250bar, 0-400bar)
  • Display IP-class IP40
  • Pressure sensor IP-class IP67
  • Display size 103 x 150 x 28mm
  • Weighing block threads G 1/2″
  • Weighing block maximum flow volume 3,8l/min
  • Weighing block maximum pressure 350bar


  • Tare
  • Zero-point offset
  • Gross/Net display
  • 1-9 calibration weights
  • Rounding (1/5/10/50/100kg)
  • Units lb/kg
  • Languages Finnish, English, Swedish
  • Memory: 1000 different weighings


  • Printer
  • Remote switch for weighing


  • Cabling with connector cables
  • Industrial connectors
  • Easy-to-read manual

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